Conquering Cramp Update


Earlier this year I wrote a blog post on ‘Conquering Cramp‘ in which I commented on my troubles with cramp, previous strategies, the results of a sweat test and the personalised hydration plan I had received for using Precision Hydration, electrolytes that match how I sweat. Unfortunately DVT then got in the way. I have since used them for indoor turbo training, but this weekend I finally had a chance to test them in earnest at a long race. Continue reading

Training with DVT


“When can I resume my cycling training?” and “How soon can I race again?” were two of the key questions on my mind when I was first diagnosed with #DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) in June. I knew I was not going to get the answers I wanted, being Little Miss Impatient it was never going to be soon enough. Each DVT case is different, but perhaps this blog about how I approached my slow journey back to race fitness, can give some useful insight to others unfortunate enough to be faced with the same questions.  Continue reading

Mersey Roads 24 Hour – Keep it Going!


This race was the one I had been looking forward to for so long. It should have been my ‘A’ race for 2016, the one race I wanted to do well in more than any other event. Sadly, I found myself by the side of the road come race day. While DVT stopped me from competing, it didn’t stop me from supporting and cheering others!  Continue reading

Goals and Setbacks



Josephine Perry from Performance in Mind recently did an in-depth interview with me on goals, setbacks and ever bigger challenges. Below is just an excerpt. Follow the source link for the full interview.

“It really doesn’t matter what other people say or think. They won’t be there to ride the bike for you. You have to make sure you show up to that start line feeling confident and positive and eager to do what you love and have been looking forward to for so long. The longer the race, the more mental strength is what really can make the difference. And for mental strength you need self-belief, not anxiety”.

Source: Learn from the best: Jasmijn Muller



A lot has changed since the high of finishing my first solo LEJOG recce ride and the low of the Deep Vein Thrombosis verdict. I may feel sorry for myself being stuck indoor on the turbo while summer has finally started in earnest, BUT … I refuse to give up on my dreams. I am adamant to turn this adversity into opportunity …. So, what to do when I cannot defend my Nat 12 Hr TT title or compete in the Nat 24 Hr TT…Go one bigger… World 24 Hour Time Trial Championships here I come! Keep reading for an update on my training in the aftermath of the DVT diagnosis and building up to my new goal for 2016.  Continue reading



If there ever was one of my blogs to read… this is the one. For more reasons than you may expect. I recently received some amazing news: I am one of the winners of the #FocusChallenge. Unfortunately, I also have some bad news. Bad for me and important for you…  Continue reading