Zwift Distance Record Attempt

What This Zwift Distance Record attempt will be an indoor cycling record attempt on a Wahoo Kickr which will simulate me going round and round in loops in a virtual cycling world. The current Zwift Distance Record is 1626 km (1010 miles) in 72 hours and 36 mins. It is held by Chris Hopkinson, one of the…

Total Women’s Cycling

I was recently asked by Total Women’s Cycling for some insight into what it is that appeals to me in endurance racing and how to prepare for a 24 hour event. See link for the full interview.

Endurance training: Newcastle upon Tyne to London

        Last year I did LeMans24heuresvelo as a solo competitor. It was a great experience and I think it inspired two of my club mates to give it a shot as solo competitors this year. As part of their training they were planning a long non-stop ride from Newcastle-upon-Tyne back to London….