“The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It’s about what you’re made of, not the circumstances”. This is the quote that my ‘be the egg’ mantra refers to. A mantra that helps me when the going gets tough and will hopefully help to set new LEJOG & 1,000 miles records in September this year.

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On the 18th of February at 15:19 GMT  (after a false start on the wrong course… ahem how did I manage to get lost on the turbo ?!), I achieved a big goal: breaking the Zwift distance record, previously held by Chris Hopkinson at 1010.7 miles. When I set out on this mission I was quietly confident in my own abilities, yet at the same time worried about the unknown I had thrown myself into. Who was I to think I could sit on a turbo for that long? And who was I to think I could break a record held by one of the best male ultra-endurance racers? But 70 hours and 11 minutes later, of which 62 hours and 4 minutes had been spent in the saddle… I climbed off as the new Zwift Distance Record holder, having added more than 200 km to the old record, achieving a total ride distance of 1828 km or 1135.9 miles.  Continue reading

Zwift Distance Record Attempt




This Zwift Distance Record attempt will be an indoor cycling record attempt on a Wahoo Kickr which will simulate me going round and round in loops in a virtual cycling world.

The current Zwift Distance Record is 1626 km (1010 miles) in 72 hours and 36 mins. It is held by Chris Hopkinson, one of the world’s best ultra-endurance cyclists. I am hoping to get as close as possible to his record, and ideally beat it. Continue reading

Goals and Setbacks



Josephine Perry from Performance in Mind recently did an in-depth interview with me on goals, setbacks and ever bigger challenges. Below is just an excerpt. Follow the source link for the full interview.

“It really doesn’t matter what other people say or think. They won’t be there to ride the bike for you. You have to make sure you show up to that start line feeling confident and positive and eager to do what you love and have been looking forward to for so long. The longer the race, the more mental strength is what really can make the difference. And for mental strength you need self-belief, not anxiety”.

Source: Learn from the best: Jasmijn Muller



If there ever was one of my blogs to read… this is the one. For more reasons than you may expect. I recently received some amazing news: I am one of the winners of the #FocusChallenge. Unfortunately, I also have some bad news. Bad for me and important for you…  Continue reading

LEJOG Recce #1


On the May Bank Holiday Saturday, I started my first solo reconnaissance ride of the Land’s End to John o’ Groats record attempt route with a mixture of foolishness and optimism – two ingredients that are definitely required for this challenge. Six days later I arrived in John o’ Groats a little wiser, but possibly even more excited for next year’s record attempt. Bring it on!  Continue reading