Post-Nat12hr TT disappointment…onwards and upwards!

It has taken me a little while to recover from my disappointing performance at the National 12hr TT, physically as well as mentally. Physical recovery wasn’t all too bad (no saddle sores this time at least), but that week I simply couldn’t complete any training session focused on threshold power in preparation for the National 25m TT. I just didn’t feel like it and only managed a few very slow commutes.

Nat 25m TT

So with just one week between the two events, nil training and zero spirit, I wasn’t all too surprised by my performance at the Nat25. I still came 9th so can’t complain too much. The Cheshire roads (J2/9 course) were actually quite good fun to ride, but the weather was challenging. I guess this photo says it all! Not my finest moment…

The next day I told myself it was time to make a decision. I could either enter another 12Hr TT this year to make up for the disappointment at the nationals (and failing my main goal for the year) or shelve those plans for next year and take my time to learn to do bottle hand ups, get stronger and more disciplined. I decided for the latter and instead finish this season by being pleased with the unexpected success I did achieve in other events and focus on the shorter events for the weeks remaining. So ‘project flip the switch’ has started…

So far, I am relieved how manageable my turbo sessions feel again at the moment (now that the mental block of feeling sorry for myself has lifted). I really enjoy the targeted sessions to improve my 25mile and 10mile power and hope it will lead to some good results in the weeks to come.

A3cgr 25 16 August 2014One of my goals for the tail-end of this season has already been achieved: I broke the club record for a 25mile TT on Saturday  with a 56:46 on a very windy P881/25 course 🙂 Aside from the challenging wind, the event itself was brilliant with the best and most signs of any event I have ever ridden. A prime example, thanks A3crg.  The prizes were pretty cool too…

So now it is onwards and upwards …. I have a few 10 mile TTs lined up (H10/181 and F11/10 over the bank holiday weekend) in anticipation of the National 10 at the end of August. As a diesel , I know I am definitely not one of the challengers here, but if I can squeeze out a top 15 or top 10 I would be very pleased.  I still have a few more end-of-season goals l would like to achieve, but more about those soon (hopefully)…

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  1. jplusj97 says:

    Super, wat een volwassen stukje! Kan ik nog wat van leren…

    Verzonden vanaf Samsung-tablet


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